Los Angeles LAX - San Diego SAN Japanese Limousine Service/ Airport Transfer

日本人運転手が日本語できめ細かいサービス(空港送迎・ハイヤー・チャーターサービス)を提供 MAKWAVE マックウェーブリムジン


MAKWAVE 黒塗りの車両で時間厳守のサービス

We provide the excellent detailed oriented service to meet all customer’s need by experienced Japanese speaking guide (driver). Just lay back and enjoy comfortable ride not only for business use but private needs without hustle. Currently more than 160 prestigious Japanese and Japanese-affricated companies are satisfactory using our service. Enjoy the ride by newly up-grated in 2017 vehicles.


Not only between hotel and airport transfer but also your residence to airport. Furthermore we pick your family or friends up instead of you and take them to their destinations safely. We proved the charter service combining with airport transfer and sightseeing too! You can utilize us to make your original plan for all your need.

For business use Airport Transfer Service / Hotel Transfer Service

Transfer services, such as pick business travelers up at the airport and transfer to hotel and from hotel to airport. In the case you need the transportation service to airport at the time of business trip, please let us help. You would be carefree about driving to airport, finding a parking spot, taking a shuttle that save you time and no need to worry about your vehicle while you are away. Service areas: Loa Angels International Airport John Wayne Orange County Airport 
San Diego International Airport 
Service areas: LAX Los Angels International Airport, SNA John Wayne Orange County Airport and SAN San Diego International Airport 

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Charter Service for business use: Market Research 

As everybody knows that LA is car society. Traffic congestion is not only during rush hours but unfortunately all the time. If we could avoid the heavy traffic routs and visit clients time effectively by using toll road and car pool lane it would be more profitable.Please feel free to contact us about your business meeting transportation service.As your meetings are over, you could go sightseeing by our service provided by our experienced English speaking driver.  


Speedy and comfortable Transportation Service between Los Angeles ⇔ San Diego

MAK Wave セダン車
No hustle and bustle of worrying about flight delay and transit. You can just lay back and relax in the car comfortably to your destination not to be mentioned no strangers next to your seat. Merits:1. More reasonable fee than air fear by traveling 2 people or more 2. You can easily book from Internet or our web site3. Punctual time service so just relax in the car to your destination  4. Friendly and polite professional service provided by Japanese driver5. Get the up-dated local information on popular restaurants and other interested spots from our driver  

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For Private Use - Transporation between Airport and Residnece

It is hard to estimate the accurate time by using public shuttle service as you go on a private trip with your family or friends. However we always provide the punctual time service so just relax and enjoy the ride only with your family or friends not sharing the ride with strangers.  Also we pick your family up at the airport instead of you when you are not able to take time off from work   and take them to your residence. If they like, we take them to LA sightseeing on the way to your residence. 
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Transfer Service between Airport and Hotel, Theme parks Transfer service between hotels

The Disneyland, California Adventure, Universal Studio and more theme parks!  Enjoy the quality relaxing time from the airport to your destination by luxury limousine.You may surprise how reasonable price is and saving time. In addition to that you can get the up-dated local information about popular restaurants and hot topics from our driver as well as useful information what to get for souvenirs. Let’s take an advantage of our limousine service to make your trip to be enjoyable and memorable! Please let us help to make it happen. 

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LA Chartered Service planned by MAK Wave  Minimum 4 hours  

LA おまかせ観光チャーター

This is the private charter LA sightseeing service planned MAK Wave only for you with your family or friends. You will experience the finest service by luxury limousine. You can just make any requests where to go like restaurants you always wanted to try or souvenir shops to our driver. Our driver will take you without wasting your precious time during your trip. 
Recommended popular sightseeing places: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood,
The Griffith Observator
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Reserved Charted Service Minimal 4 hours 

Would you like the best service by luxury limousine with someone special? Your wish will be granted. We can help you with all your wishes like the place you eagerly wanted to visit, some shops you always wanted to check, events passionately want to participate, some cousins curiously would like to taste.Please let us help one of kind original travel plan just for you and your special one. 

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For Wedding   Anniversary Minimum 4 hours

結婚式 特別な日に
The best service by luxury limousine for bride and gloom on their very special day!We can make your special day even more special by inquisitive renditions.  Please let us consult.  。

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We will be happy to provide professional limousine service for your birthday party, Graduation, Girls Night Out and other special occasions. Please feel free to contact us.